Emergency Tourniquet Outdoor Portable First Aid Quick Slow Release Buckle Survival Tool

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Emergency Tourniquet Outdoor Portable First Aid Quick Slow Release Buckle Survival Tool

Type: First Aid Kits

Material:: nylon belt

Size:: 17*6*4cm

Bullet Points:
1、Life-saving Bleeding Control: Designed to compress limbs to restrict blood flow, emergency tourniquets are important life-saving equipment in tactical and non-tactical situations. Suitable for arms, thighs, etc.; flexible, universal fit is essential first aid for yourself or anyone else.
2、Use with One Hand: The tourniquet can be done with one hand, so you can free up one hand to take care of the other needs of the injured, or let yourself use the tourniquet when needed. Effectively stop the blood flow in the upper and lower limbs.
3、Simple to Use: Get into critical moments quickly-in an emergency, you need to act quickly. The operation of this product is simple and clear, which can save you valuable time.
4、Suitable Ocns: The tourniquet is small in size, light in weight, easy to travel, and can be easily put into the car, first aid bag, trauma bag, office and home storage area. It is very suitable for first aid during hunting, camping and hiking.
5、Safety Guarantee: The structure is simple and has no complicated parts, which is suitable for stable function in harsh and changeable conditions. Too many complicated designs will increase the possibility of accidents under harsh conditions.
Uses: Used to stop bleeding of the wounded limbs blood vessels, first aid in flood line,  actual combat site, and also used in the usual hemorrhage first aid.
How to use: 1. Place the tourniquet 5-250px above the wound, and insert it into the buckle loop around the limb 2. Tighten the self-adhesive tape, stick it in the opposite direction, and turn the twisted rod until the bleeding stops 3. Insert the twisted rod. After the excess self-adhesive tape continues to be wound in the fixing clip, it is closed with a fixing tape and the hemostasis time is recorded.

CAT tourniquet, spinning military tourniquet, tactical arterial emergency tourniquet, one-handed operation, fast and practical, suitable for accidental abrasions or cuts, with good hemostatic effect.

Size: The packaging size is about 17*6*4cm/6.69*2.36*1.57in (OPP plastic bag packaging), and the unfolded length is about 95cm/37.40in.

Material: nylon belt + hook and loop + nylon plastic button

Packing List: