100FT/Spools Paracord 550 Paracord Rope

32 Black
2 Red
19 Army green
112 Army green camo
10 Blue
38 Yellow
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Type: P4100FT-J

Rope name: Paracord 550 rope

Paracord Rope Diameter: 4mm

Paracord Rope length: 100FT/Spools

Paracord Rope uses: DIY paracord bracelet,necklace,belt,watch,dog collar etc

Paracord rope colors: black,blue,yellow,army green,red,army green camo ect

Minimum breaking strength: 550lbs rope

Item type: outdoor camping equipment survival kit

Paracord Rope Material: Polyester

Paracord Rope Standard: 7 inner strands rope

Other name: Parachute cord

100FT/Spools Paracord 550 Paracord Rope Type III 7 Stand Parachute Cord Outdoor Camping Survival Wind Rope 

Item name:paracord rope

Rope Diameter:4mm

Rope Standard:7 inner strands

Rope Material:polyester

Minimum breaking strength:550lb

length :100feet

Type:outdoor camping equipment survival kit

Paracord uses:DIY paracord bracelet,necklace,watch,belt,dog collar etc


Also,We can customize 2mm,3mm,4mm, 5mm ,6mm,8mm paracord,If you want more length,more colors,weclome to contact us feelfree!

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