10pcs Paracord Survival Bracelet Round Head U Shape Shackle

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Type: Bow Shackle

feature: U shaped buckle

Material: Zinc Alloy


3/10pcs Paracord Survival Bracelet Round Head U Shape Shackle U Shape Buckle Shackle Zinc Alloy D Ring Lock Bow Shackle 


1. Made of high‑quality zinc alloy material, it has a bright appearance, which is much luster than ordinary rough iron buckles and alloy buckles.
2. It is well made, perfectly fit and without burrs. It can withstand bad weather conditions and is not easily damaged.
3. The shackle has a removable threaded ring pin. The design of one‑way screws and bolts is stronger than traditional plastic buckles.
4. The U‑shaped buckle is suitable for outdoor camping paracord survival bracelets and very practical.
5. Easy to Use. Make sure the pin is screwed into the shackle hole correctly, tighten it by hand, and then fix it with a wrench or other suitable tool.


Item Type: U Shape Shackle
Specification: U Buckle Round Head
Material: Zinc Alloy
Product Color: As Pictures Shown
Product Length: Approx. 3cm / 1.2in
Product Weight: Approx. 25g, 98g

Package List:

3pcs / 10pcs U Shape Shackle