3 Pack Emergency Blanket Thermal Mylar Space Blanket Silver Foil Blanket Survival Blanket

160x210cm goldX3
130x210cm silverX3
160x210cm silverX3
130x210cm goldX3
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3 Pack Emergency Blanket Thermal Mylar Space Blanket Silver Foil Blanket Survival Blanket

Type: Emergency Blankets

Product description
Do you love hiking, camping, boating, hunting, outdoor sports? Do you want to be prepared in the event of an emergency? Do you want to improve your chance of survival and rescue?
Going camping with friends or family? Worried about losing power due to a storm or other events? These mylar thermal blankets sheets could save your life!
Using our premium, silver, dual sided, mylar emergency survival blanket! Protect yourself and your family safe! Make your life well prepared!

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket Features:
The emergency blanket is made from military-grade mylar that is reusable. They retain 90% of your body heat, stay warm, help prevent hypothermia or shock in emergency situations.
Emergency blankets protects your body from heat and cold. Blankets are waterproof, windproof, and moisture-proof, helping to keep you dry in damp, wet, rainy, and downright cold environments.
Individually sealed and conveniently folded in half to fit in the palm of your hand or pocket. Same size and protection as the other blankets when unfolded, but takes up half the size when folded.
You can place and store each blanket in various places more conveniently, easily throw them in your hiking backpack, car, first aid kit, go-bag, camping gear, or emergency kit at home or at work.

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket for Every Day :
Hot Day: Make ashelter to protect yourself from Sunburn.
Rainy Day: Waterproof that you can always keep dry.
Windy Day: Keep you away from the sand.
Cold Day: Keep you warm by maintaining 90% heat of your body.

Color: Silver, Gold Size: 210*130cm 210*160cm

Package included: 3 * Emergent blanket