31 Meters Dia.4mm 9 stand Cores Paracord for Survival Parachute Cord Lanyard

9 stand-ArmyGreen
9 stand-BlackGrey
9 stand-GreenYellow
9 stand-Camouflage 1
9 stand-Camouflage 2
9 stand-Camouflage 3
9 stand-Camouflage 4
9 stand-Camouflage 5
9 stand-Camouflage 6
31 meters
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Type: Paracord 550-5/10/20/31 Meters

Material: Polyester

Diameter: 4mm(5/32")

Standard: 9 inner strands

Uses 1: Winding Handle, Stick Handle, Body Sticks

Uses 2: Nunchaku Connection Rope

Uses 3: Bow And Arrow Wrapped With A Rope

Uses 4: DIY paracord bracelet,necklace,belt,watch,dog

Uses 5: Tents Rope

Uses 6: Survival Kit Paracord 550

Item name:paracord rope
Rope Diameter:4mm
Rope Standard:9 inner strands
Rope Material:polyester
Minimum breaking strength:550lb

length :5meters,10meters,20meters,31meters,
Type:outdoor camping equipment survival kit
Paracord uses:DIY paracord bracelet,necklace,watch,belt,dog collar etc


We have 2mm,4mm,and some paracord accessories in stock,If you want more length,more colors,more size,weclome to contact us feelfree!

Uses:  winding handle, stick handle, body sticks, nunchaku connection rope, bow and arrow wrapped with a rope, field strapping equipment, tents rope, clothesline and so on.
Note: suitable for general purposes, do not play the body load and extreme sports. Multi-color optional.

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