3person Outdoor Emergency Camping Tent Bag

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*1. This emergency tent is made of premium glass fiber with PE lining, which features tear & pierce resistant, thicker and more durable for use.

*2. The thermal and insulated lining can prevent hypothermia/shock in emergency and extreme weather.

*3. It is a perfect survival shelter, which is windproof and waterproof, suitable for all-weather use. Strong glue is used to reinforce joints so as so prevent water leakage, providing you with excellent and long-term protection, keeping you dry and warm in frigid temperatures.

*4. It is compact in size and light in weight for easy carrying, enabling you to put it into your backpack for convenient use.

*5. The reflective design makes this tube tent serve as an emergency signaling device to make you be found more easily in emergency.

*6. It is an ideal choice and must-have for outdoor survival,  suitable for camping, running, hiking and other outdoor activities.



*1. Color: silver, orange

*2. Material: glass fiber

*3. Lining: PE

*4. Size: 240x150x90 cm

*5. Standard thickness: 12um

*6. Storage method: Keep in a sealed and dark place.

*7. Occupancy: one person

*8. Waterproof coefficient: less than 1000mm

*9. Brace rod: not included

*10. Packing size: 23*17*2 cm

*11. Packing weight: 250 g


Package includes: 

1* tent

1* instruction