4/5pcs Countersink Drill Woodworking Drill Bit Set

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4/5pcs Countersink Drill Woodworking Drill Bit Set Drilling Pilot Holes For Screw Sizes #5 #6 #8 #10 #12 With a Wrench Tools

DIY Supplies: Woodworking

Type: Core Drill Bit

Origin: Mainland China

length: 56mm-69mm

Model Number: Wood Drilling x60

Material: High Speed Steel

Use: Wood Drilling

is_customized: Yes

Certification: NONE

Material: The black chamfer is made of carbon steel, and the titanium-plated twist drill is made of high-speed steel. The whole is quenched, and the hardness is reliable!

Product model: 5#, 6#, 8#, 10#, 12#,

With a wrench

The diameter of the gold drill bit corresponding to the chamfer:

5#: 2mm

6#:2.3 mm

8#: 2.5 mm

10#: 3mm

12#: 3.5mm

4pcs: 6#, 8#, 10#, 12#

5pcs: 5#, 6#, 8#, 10#, 12#

Usage: The handle is a 1/4 hexagon handle, which can be used with electric drills and bench drills. After drilling a hole on the board and screwing into the board, the nut will sink into the plane of the board and will not protrude from the board.

Cáizhì: Hēisè dào jiǎo wèi tàn gāng, dù tài jīn máhuā zuān wèi gāosù gāng, zhěngtǐ cuìhuǒ chǔlǐ, yìngdù kěkào!


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