Camping Emergency Tent Survival Sleeping Bag Waterproof Thermal Emergency Blanket

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Camping Emergency Tent Survival Sleeping Bag Waterproof Thermal Emergency Blanket

Type: Emergency Blankets

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: 240x150x90cm (94.5x59x35inch)

Package Weight: 175g

Material: Chiffon

Name: Emergency Tent,Emergency Sleeping Bag, Survival Sleeping Bag

                                                        Product Description

Emergency tent can be used for camping, hiking, mountaineering, jungle traversing, and river exploring.
Our emergency tent is the best choice for emergency shelter, life-saving equipment, and vehicle survival tools.
It can be used as ground cover or sleeping bag liner when you in extreme environments, it will protect you from the cold and keep you warm.
If you love outdoor expedition, you need to have one.
Our emergency tent has a uniquely designed package. It's very lightweight and easy to carry. Although it looks like an ordinary nylon bag, it's very complete. The bag includes a strong rope, a first aid whistle and the tent itself. They can be placed in order and the entire bag looks very compact. There is a rope closing above the bag, you can adjust it at will.

Easy to carry
Lightweight emergency tent, you can easily carry it around your body whenever and wherever you want. Such as your car storage box, travel bag, camera bag, etc.
Powerful function
The tent can keep your temperature in an emergency. Made of high quality insulating mylar, the function of windproof and waterproof enhances its durability, and they can be reused and teared puncture resistant.
Set up in minutes
The emergency tent can be installed quickly, just follow this step. Cross the rope through the ends and tie it to a solid object, like trees. Finally, the corner strings to rock or heavy objects.
Large space
When you are in an emergency outdoors, you can build it immediately.After the construction, it has a large space to accommodate two adults.

Size: 240x150x90cm (94.5x59x35inch)
Weight: 172g

1x emergency tent
1x umbrella rope