Dia 2mm 5M 10M 20M 30M one Cores Paracord for Survival Parachute Cord Lanyard

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Red and Green
Army green
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Christmas wreath

Upper part

How to makeChristmas wreath and green

Textile materials:

A: Wreath:

2mm umbrella rope red 1.8 meters 2

2mm umbrella rope green 1.8 meters 2

B: Green leaves

2mm umbrella rope green 0.8 meters 5

C: petals

2mm umbrella rope red 0.8m 2

2mm umbrella rope red 0.5 m 1

2mm umbrella rope red 0.4 meters 4

2mm umbrella rope red 0.3m 6

2 copper bells

1 copper ball with a diameter of 10MM

2mm umbrella rope knitting needle 1

Several positioning pins

Tutorial video explanation:

1: 4 pcs 1.8m red and green lines, placed
crosswise, weaving round corn knots, about 23CM long

2: Each layer is only knitted with the same
color rope, and red and green ropes are alternately woven

3: Close the corn knot and thread the red
line to form a ring

4: Cut off the thread, burn it softly and
press it flat, the thread will get stuck and not easy to fall off

5: 1PCS0.8m green rope is fixed at 20CM,
facing upward

6: Hang up the other 4PCS0.8m green rope

7: Weave green leaves with oblique winding

8: 180° clockwise, continue to make oblique
winding knots

9: Tighten the rope

10: Weaving the second leaf, 4 pieces in

11: Keep the 2pcs rope in the middle, cut
off the rest, burn and press flat

12: Next video: Petal weaving method

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Materials: Polyester

Strand:one stand Cores

Diameter: 2mm

Colors: White, yellow, red, purple, green, blue, black, orange, army green, khaki


5M(Approx. 16Ft )

10M(Approx. 32Ft )

20M (Approx. 65Ft)

30M (Approx. 98Ft)

100M (Approx. 328Ft)

Uses: winding handle, stick handle, body sticks, nunchaku connection rope, bow and arrow wrapped with a rope, field strapping equipment, tents rope, clothesline and so on.

Note: suitable for general purposes, do not play the body load and extreme sports. Multi-color optional.

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Hi, if you also like knitting, you can follow our shop, we will upload a new knitting tutorial every Friday

Material: 2MM rope (any two colors) 1.8 meters * 2

Tutorial: 1. Fold the rope in half, the red 1.5M place, the silver rope woven core-spun gold steel knot

2. The length of the silver rope braided gold steel knot is one-third of the circumference of the wrist

3. The two-color rope is alternately woven with gold steel knots, the length is also one-third of the wrist

4. The red rope weaves the remaining one-third of the length

5. Cut off the red rope thread, burn it softly and press it flat

6. Woven button knot finishing

This video has been removed, buyers who need it can ask me for a video tutorial

Material: 2MM rope yellow 0.3m

2MM rope pink 0.6 meters

2MM rope purple 2.0 meters

Aperture 10MM buckle

Suitable for hand circumference around 16CM

Tutorial description:

1. Insert the pink and yellow rope inner cores, burn them with a lighter and press flat

2. Fold the purple rope in half and put it on the buckle

3. The length of the axis between the buckles is the length of the hand circumference

4. Add short pink and yellow threads and start knitting

5. Thread the head of the front rope to the back and finish

6. Cut the thread head, burn it softly and press flat

30 pack 10MM Aperture Curve Contoured Release Buckle