Digital Caliper 6 Inch Electronic Vernier Caliper 100mm Calliper Micrometer

150mm silver
100mm black
150mm black
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Measurement Range: 0-150mm

Material: Plastic

Accuracy: 1mm

Certification: NONE

Caliper Type: Vernier Calipers

Model Number: Vastar Vernier Caliper

Battery: use 1xLR44 (not include battery)

Get ultra-precise measurements for your wood and metal projects

•  Capture tiny measurements down to 0.1mm

•  Measure 4 different ways(The 100mm caliper does not have a depth probe.)

•  Recalibrate or compare with the 0 button

•  Thumb screw locks the jaws in place

•  Easy-to-read LCD screen

Detailed scale goes down to 0.1mm

Complete even the smallest designs on target.

2 jaws and a depth probe measure 4 different ways(The 100mm caliper does not have a depth probe.)

Assess your work or match your drill bits and other accessories with internal, external, drop and step information for projects that require a delicate attention to detail.

Push the "0" button for accurate recalibrations and incremental dimensions                               

Compare sections or start fresh with this crucial feature.

Lock markers in place with the handy thumb screw

Save your spot and carefully move between surfaces or components.

LCD provides clear data in millimeters or inches at a glance

Read the large display in metric or imperial units from a distance while working on a new area.

Capture widths up to 100mm/3.9in or 150mm/5.9in                                

Choose from 2 different lengths to fit larger machine bolts and spindles between the jaws.

Carbon fiber plastic is durable and lightweight

Made-to-last material is tough for tool bags and shop environments.


Brand Name: Vastar
Origin: China
Measurement Range: 0–150mm/0–6in
Material: plastic
Accuracy: 1mm/0.03in
Caliper Type: vernier calipers
Model Number: Vastar vernier caliper
Battery: 1 × LR44 (not included)
Resolution: 0.1mm
Size: 245×80×12mm/9.6×3.1×0.4in
Weight: about 55g/1.9oz

Package Contents

1 × electronic digital caliper (batteries not included)