Medical Tourniquet Military Alarm Set Bleeding Harness Bandage Scissors First Aid Kit

A Set
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Type: First Aid Kits

support: wholesale and dropship

Benefit 1: A tourniquet

Benefit 2: emergency

Benefit 3: Outdoor survival

Benefit 4: 17*6*4 (the expanded length is about 100cm)

Benefit 5: 133.7g


1. Small size and easy to carry 

2. Reliable performance and rapid hemostasis 

3. One-handed operation is convenient and practical 

Method of use 

1. After opening, there is a condom, which can be directly placed on the upper part of the limb (close to the body) that needs to stop bleeding.

2. Pull the belt from the red head, press and hold the figure 8 ring tight (it can be fixed on the body, but not too tight), and then fold back to secure the belt with your own Velcro. (this step can be done with one hand, so there is no need to press and hold the plastic ring.)

3, then in one direction (are) rotational plastic rods, plastic rods attached to nylon tape will further tighten a tourniquet, until stopped bleeding, then stuck in the plastic clip tourniquet at there (will be ready to let go) white label can record constrictive time, generally 20 or less than 30 minutes need to loosen the tourniquet for a while, too long can lead to bleeding site the following limb ischemia necrosis.

The most important thing is to seek medical advice immediately after hemostasis. 


EMT: emergency medical team

Generally, this type of scissors is used for emergency medical treatment in battlefield. It is used to cut the clothing or fabric clinging to the wounded without turning the torso to remove the clothes.


Of course, it can also be used for cutting gauze, medical dressing bandage and so on. 


Ergonomic design of handle, saving energy and energy, the black oxidation of the blade prevents reflection.

With tooth structure even if it is difficult to cut nylon fabric or umbrella rope and so on easily solved, circular hole has stripping and other functions.


Product name: camping tourniquet set

Product size: 17*6*4 (the expanded length is about 100cm)

It weighs about 133.7g


Material: stainless steel blade surface matte black titanium color treatment, prevent reflection and never rust. 

Size: 18.3 * 9.2 cm 

Net weight: 60 g

Package Included:

A set:A tourniquet * 1

            Scissors * 1

           Package * 1

or   scissors*1