Survival Blanket PE Aluminum Film Camping Emergency Thermal Sleeping Bag

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Type: Emergency Sleeping Bag

Color: Orange

Material: PE aluminum film

Structure: Envelope

Application: Water collection Tent Moisture pad

Size: 200x90cm

Survival Blanket PE Aluminum Film Camping Emergency Thermal Sleeping Bag Warm Rescue Carpet Adventure Thermal First Aid

Product Features

Product Name: Orange Emergency Sleeping Bag
Specification: 200*90CM
Material: PE tear-resistant material
Weight: 110 grams
Color: orange (emergency first aid color)

1. When used in a low temperature environment, it can keep its own heat not easily dissipated.

2. Can be used as a picnic mat.

3. The first aid color is orange, which makes it easier for rescuers to find that it is actually one of the survival equipment in the wild. Adding a first aid blanket in the sleeping bag can improve the heat preservation ability and is beneficial to ensuring the sleeping temperature.

4. An emergency cold-proof sleeping bag, which can be used as a sleeping bag when resting to isolate the outside air and achieve warmth.

5. Sleeping bag palm size, sleeping bag design, ultra-thin, easy to collect, easy to carry.

6. In the outdoor environment, it is suitable for field exploration, survey, tourism, and disaster. Easy to carry, compact, beautiful and practical.

Package Included

1x Orange Emergency Sleeping Bag