Multifunctional Toothbrush Holder Automatic Toothpaste Squeezer Dispenser

A 4Cup Black
A 4Cup Gray
A 4Cup Pink
A 3Cup Black
A 3Cup Gray
A 3Cup Pink
A 2Cup Black
A 2Cup Gray
A 2Cup Pink
C 4Cup Black
C 4Cup Gray
C 4Cup Pink
C 3Cup Black
C 3Cup Gray
C 3Cup Pink
C 2Cup Black
C 2Cup Gray
C 2Cup Pink
C 1Cup Gray
B Black
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Material: Plastic

Is Smart Device: NO

Feature: Stocked

Type: Two-piece



1. Equipped with 6 dustproof toothbrush holders, electric toothbrushes can be hung easily.

2. Two toothpaste dispensers are used separately, start using different flavors.

3. Magnetic suspension adsorption cup,easy to take and dustproof.

4.Large space, you can also store things, the space is large enough to prevent bottles and cans


Colors: Gray, Black, Pink

Material: ABS


· The actual manual measurement size may have some errors. The actual size is subject to the actual product.

· Due to different lighting and shooting conditions, the color of the picture may differ slightly from the actual product. Please refer to the actual product.

·It takes 24 hours for the back sticker to be attached to the wall before the toothbrush holder can be installed to completely squeeze out the air (attached to a smooth wall such as tiles, glass...).