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Empty kit
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Rhino Dr. lightning  IFAK Medical Pouch MP-01

Does not include configuration

①This bag adopts a quick pull-out inner panel design. The medical supplies can be integrated and fixed to the inner panel through the strap slot. The user can quickly take out the contents of the package through the red pull strip within 3S, realizing a quick response to emergency self-help, and at the same time This design can support one-handed operation.

②The MOLLE adapter system is used on both sides of the medical kit, which can be adapted and installed with various accessories, which expands the functionality and personalized customization of the medical kit.

③The front of the medical kit adopts the elastic rope fixing mode, which can bind and fix larger external accessories or first-aid supplies.

④ Velcro can fix various identification marks according to customer needs.

⑤The red pull ring on the top is convenient for users to carry and pull.

⑥The back uses the universal MOLLE fixing system in the table, which can be adapted to various tactical vests, waist seals and other kits.

⑦The overall shape of the medical kit is compact and simple, and the cordura material can withstand the test of various harsh environments.