Solid Carpenter Pencil with Refill Leads and Built-in Sharpener

Set A Refill 3Pcs
Set B Refill 3Pcs
Orange Refill 3pcsA
Orange Refill 3pcsB
Black Refill 3pcsA
Black Refill 3pcsB
Blue Refill 3pcsA
Blue Refill 3pcsB
Green Refill 3pcsA
Green Refill 3pcsB
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Solid Carpenter Pencil with Refill Leads and Built-in Sharpener
for Deep Hole Mechanical Pencil Marker Marking Woodworking Tools

DIY Supplies: Woodworking

Type: Combination

is_customized: No

Model Number: B15322

Package: Other

Application: Woodworking tools

Size: 145mm


1. Deep hole manufacturer: The design time of the deep hole carpenter's pencil is 45mm extension and needle nose tip, reaching hard-to-reach areas, while other carpenter signs cannot. It is suitable for through-holes or other tight area signs.

2. Sharpener for precise marking: The sharpener is screwed into the top of the mechanical drawing pencil, and it will not be lost, and your mechanical pencil will always be sharpened for good accuracy

3. Mechanical pencil: The carpenter's pencil will not slip fingers from the pencil and repeated traces will reduce the pain; the pen clip design can be easily hung on the bag, easy to use and not easy to lose, improve efficiency, suitable for construction and masons

4. Marks on different surfaces: solid woodworking pencils can draw on metal, plastic, glass, wood, paper, etc.; drawing pencils are durable and can be traced everywhere, stronger than hard lead; yellow can be on dark surfaces that are not attractive to gray lead Draw on repeatable

5. Fill for continued use: woodworking markers are pre-filled with gray lead and come with a refill box, including 3 gray lead and 3 yellow lead, which can meet your woodworking marking needs for long-term use


--Size: 145mm

--Material: ABS

--Design: The pencil sharpener is screwed into the top of the pencil and is designed in one piece. The pen clip design can be easily hung in the pocket, not easy to lose, and improve work efficiency. The 45mm long needle tip can reach hard-to-reach areas that other woodworking markers cannot reach. It is suitable for punching holes or other narrow areas.

--Purpose: 3 color refills, which can be marked on wood, metal, concrete and tiles.