Survival Gear Kit with Waterproof SOS LED Light Emergency Knife Whistle Compass Outdoor multi tools

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Survival Gear Kit with Waterproof SOS LED Light Emergency Knife Whistle Compass Outdoor multi tools

Type: First Aid Kits

Tools 1: Compass

Tools 2: Thermometer

Tools 3: Paracord

Tools 4: Saber card

Tools 5: T-shaped knife

Tools 6: Retrieve SIM card pin

Tools 7: Whistle

More tools: Bracelets for survival outdoor

All The Survival Gear You Need, Packed In Our Emergency Survival Bracelet! 

Please note: as mailing range, there are no flint in the bracelets !
1. Paracord bracelet :
3.2 meter Parachute Cord with 7 core - The 113kg strength paracord multiltool bracelet can be unwound to be used for survival situations like:  securing tents, hammocks, hanging heavy objects etc.
2. SOS LED Light :
It’s key to rescue in the darkness! The LED Light can flash or stay on.Its battery last for more than 70hrs. And the LED light can be found within 10 meter diameter in darkness.
3. Rescue Whistle :  Sound area within 500 meter.You can audibly signal for help from rescuers nearby.
4.Retrieve SIM card pin:  Daily use on changing SIM card on phone.
5.T-shaped knife(with protective cover) :  word screwdriver, cross screwdriver, cutter, semi-circular scraper
6.Multi-tool:  large and small bicycle banners, bottle opener, can opener, scraper, medium hex wrench, saw blade, small hex wrench.
7.Compass:  A waterproof compass to maintain your sense of direction even in heavy rainy days
8.Thermometer :  you can know the temperature in the wild(please note it is Celsius).
A quick trick to estimate °F: multiply the temperature in degrees Celsius by 2, and then add 30.

Many color outdoor paracord for option:
You can use paracord to do a lot of things :
1.  Repair torn clothing
2.  Repair broken equipment
3.  Rig a tow rope
4.  String up a clothes line
5.  Replace your shoe laces
6.  Replace a broken zipper pull
7.  Make a leash for a dog
8.  Rig a pulley system
9.  Tie things to your backpack
10. Make a net to carry things
11. Make a stretcher with two long sticks
12. Rig an improvised hammock
13. Make a snare out of internal strands
14. Lash logs together for a raft
15. Tie snow shoes
16. Make a bow drill for fire starting
17. Make a sling to throw stones
18. Make fishing line
19. Secure your boat
20. Make a fishing net of internal strands
21. Tie sticks to make a splint
22. Make a sling for your arm
23. Tie items to the top of your vehicle
24. Hang up your food to protect from animals
25. Use as dental floss
26. Tie up an emergency sheiter